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For many so-called “normal” people, BDSM brings up images of leather-clad extremists engaging in the carnal pleasures of the Spanish Inquisition. But as you’re about to see, BDSM is about so much more than whips, chains and sadistic smiles. Join us for a front row seat as we journey with our beautiful guide, Rubber Doll, into the outskirts of whole new world of sexual discovery.

Alexis: When most of us think of South Florida – particularly Miami – we envision T-backs, G-strings, and South Beach orgies. So I was somewhat surprised to hear that you were raised in what you referred to as a “very conservative” household. Can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing?

RubberDoll: The neighborhood I grew up in was almost 100% Cuban. A lot of the people that live there are narrow-minded and not very accepting of people who lead different lifestyles. I was a good student in school; but I was not the type to go out for the cheerleading squad or the marching band. When I reached my teenage years, I began to rebel against my family’s mindset by sneaking out with a close group of friends. At the time, there was a big Goth scene on South Beach and they didn’t allow anyone in under the age of eighteen, so my friends and I would have to be very creative in order to get inside.

Alexis: Obviously, the Goth scene was extremely important to the development of your sexuality. What drew you to it?

RubberDoll: In high school, I was involved in the whole Renaissance Fair thing and we would look forward to those types of events throughout the year. I think the main draw to me mainly focused on the whole fashion element. I would spend hours going from thrift store to thrift store trying to put together new outfits. This was back before you could go to the mall and buy ready-made Goth clothes at places like Hot Topic. Another thing that drew me in was my interest in modeling and photography. I would often be asked to pose for pictures in my outfits and found that I loved doing it. We used to go to cemeteries and old houses to do photo shoots. It seems a little cheesy in hindsight, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere. (Laughing)

Alexis: After graduating high school, you decided to remain in South Florida, close to your friends and family. Did you ever attend college or did you just go straight to the nine-to-five?

RubberDoll: I did take a few classes in school before deciding that it wasn’t for me. I also held some office jobs, but my main focus was on going out to the clubs and dressing up. It was during this period that I began getting heavily involved in the fetish scene.

Alexis How did that come about?

RubberDoll: Well, around that time, a number of local clubs began featuring fetish nights and they attracted a lot of people from the Goth crowd. The parties were great and I especially fell in love with the clothing. I had always worn these classic long, flowing Gothic dresses; but I soon started trading those in for the tighter, sexier fetish wear. I was also exposed to the BDSM scene at these parties and really loved the energy of it.

Alexis: Many of our members may not be familiar with the Goth or fetish scenes, so please forgive me if my questions sound a little naïve. Are they merely branch offs of one another or are they actually mutually exclusive? How are they the same? How are they different? What do you like about them?

RubberDoll: I think the transition from Goth to fetish is very natural. These days, the scenes have kind of blurred into one another. Both focus on the darker side of things and seem to appeal to the same sort of crowd. The obvious difference is the fetish scene has a much heavier sexual component to it. Of course, being an extremely sexual person, that really appeals to my wild side. The Goth clubs are sensual too, but they really lack the sexually charged environment that you’ll find at a fetish club. There is something that happens when you get a few hundred people together dressed up in latex and leather in one place – all for the purpose of exploring their sexuality – that really creates a terrific energy. How can you not love it?

Alexis: You’ve been in a long term relationship for over five years now. How did you and your boyfriend meet? I’m going to assume it was at a fetish club.

RubberDoll: No, I actually met him online. Of course, we were both into the same scenes; but we had never been introduced before. When we finally hooked-up, we decided to get together at a local fetish party. I’m really glad it happened that way because I see way too many couples that are sexually incompatible.

Alexis: So how did you go from simply being involved in the fetish scene to starting your own website?

RubberDoll: About a year after my boyfriend and I got together, we started messing around with taking pictures. In fact, the first time we took any sex pics was on our first anniversary. We bought a Polaroid and rented a room at a hotel with a heart-shaped hot tub and mirrors on the ceiling. We had a lot of fun and found that it really heated up our sex life. Shortly thereafter, we started discussing the possibility of doing a website. I really didn’t pay much attention to the idea at first, but my boyfriend got some books on doing HTML, bought a cheap digital camera, and the next thing I knew, we had built out own little website.

Alexis: One topic I always have to address with anyone involved in a serious relationship in the industry is swinging. Do you engage in it? If so, do you set up any boundaries for yourselves?

RubberDoll: Well, since there are various levels to “swinging”, it’s hard to give you a straight yes or no answer. When it comes to actual fucking and sucking, my boyfriend and I engage in a totally monogamous relationship. But there is so much more to our sex life than traditional sex. What I really enjoy doing, when it come to playing with other people, is more centered around fetish play. I have a dungeon in my home that is outfitted with a large collection of toys, bondage gear, and lot of latex outfits. I enjoy playing with guys and girls there and usually focus on things like strap-on play, domination, role-playing, body worship, etc. You can actually be very kinky and still get off without doing traditional sexual activities. So, when it comes to playing with other people outside of our relationship, that is what we stick to – although we do also enjoy going to swing clubs; but we stay with what you would call voyeuristic “soft swinging.” e really get off on watching and being watched by other people without actually touching.

Alexis: I think it’ safe to say that all of us are intimately familiar with the typical sex acts featured in most adult videos – i.e. straight intercourse, oral, anal, etc. – but many of our members may be less familiar with some of the activities you just mentioned. Could you give us a brief walkthrough on what is involved in domination, role-playing, and body worship?

RubberDoll: Well, I would imagine that a lot of people, including many of your members, have experienced elements of domination and role-playing without even realizing it. Domination doesn’t have to be a full blown scene with a dominatrix whipping her slave. It can be as simple as something like kissing your lover’s feet or ordering them to fuck you harder. It centers around the idea of power exchange and the sexual arousal associated with either taking control of another person or allowing a person to take control of you. This can happen in very subtle ways, like when I order a slave to get on his knees and worship my ass, or it can be very heavy, like when I tie a slave to my cross and pull out my floggers. They are just variations and different degrees of the same basic concepts.

Alexis: You say you are a switch, what it is about the dominant and submissive roles that you find so appealing?

RubberDoll: It is true that I am a switch, but I am much more on the dominant side. There are not too many people out there that I will take the submissive role with. I am also usually only submissive with other girls, and never with men other than my boyfriend. And it has to be a girl that I find VERY attractive for me to even consider submitting to her.

Alexis: Besides your personal relationships and your website, what are your other passions in life?

RubberDoll: I would have to say that my main passion is latex. It is the one thing that I know I will never get tired of. I’m constantly surfing the web for new outfits and when I get new things, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I also enjoy shopping, animals, partying with my friends, bowling, working out, and decorating my house.

Alexis: What are your plans for the future of your site?

RubberDoll: My goals right now are to try and take my work to the next level. I have been collecting a lot more latex outfits and have started outfitting the other girls that I shoot with. I also plan to branch out into video production soon and hope to do a line of latex videos.

Alexis: Do you have any regrets, either personally or professionally?

RubberDoll: My only regret is that I didn’t get into this business sooner. I had no idea that I could have so much fun doing something I love and make a living at it too. It is a lot of work and, at times, can be very frustrating, but I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. It really is a dream come true.

Alexis: This is where we end the interview with a sexual parody of James Lipton’s famous questionnaire. RubberDoll, what is your favorite sexual act?

RubberDoll: Right now, I think the thing that turns me on the most is getting a slave all dressed up in latex, and then bending him or her over and using my strap-on to fuck them. I’m not sure why I get so much pleasure from this, but it really gets me hot. And the strange part is that it really doesn’t result in any direct physical sensation for me, since I’m using a toy. I guess it just goes to show you that sex is a psychological experience just as much as it is a physical one.

Alexis: What is your least favorite sexual act?

RubberDoll: Well, I can’t really think of any sex act that isn’t enjoyable, as long as it’s done properly. So I guess my least favorite sex would be just plain old “bad sex”.

Alexis: What turns you on, sexually?

RubberDoll: Rubber, Rubber and more Rubber. Seriously, the hottest thing in the world to me is seeing a sexy guy or girl in a really outrageous latex outfit. Nothing gets my blood pumping like that.

Alexis: What turns you off, sexually?

RubberDoll: That would definitely have to be pubic hair. I like my guys and girls shaved clean. In fact, I hate pubes so much that I got mine permanently removed using laser hair removal a few years ago. It was kind of expensive, but I think it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. Now, I’m soft and smooth all the time.

Alexis: What is your wildest sexual fantasy?

RubberDoll: Some of the wildest sex experiences I’ve had so far involve going to sex clubs where groups of people come together for sexual fun. So, I guess my wildest fantasy would be to take that to the next level and experience an orgy with everyone dressed in rubber and with everyone focused on pleasing me.

Alexis: Is there any sexual act that you would not like to participate in?

RubberDoll: I really don’t enjoy sex acts with extreme pain involved. I think mild pain, like spanking and nipple clamps, can add a wonderful dimension to the sexual experience, but I really can’t get into the extreme stuff. Not that I would knock anyone else’s playing, as long as everything is safe, sane and consensual, but for me personally, its just a bit too much.

Alexis: Finally, if a true heavenly orgasm exists, what do you say when you arrive at the Perfect State?

RubberDoll: Well, if there is such a thing, I doubt anyone would be able to speak while experiencing it. I’d probably be lucky to even be able to make a sound. (Laughing)

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