Someone on a rebound is a person who is getting into another relationship too soon after their last relationship ended. In most cases the person has had their heart broken by their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and are looking for another relationship as a way to num the pain of the heartbreak.

The problem with this is that if you get into another Christian relationship while on the rebound, you haven’t allowed yourself to heal from the past relationship you were in; you will carry all your unresolved issues into the next relationship.

Unknowingly, you will just be using the next person you get with to ease the pain of the breakup not because you really want to be with them. You might convince yourself that you are ready for another relationship but the truth is that you’re probably not.

What you are really looking for is an escape, something to take your mind off the person who broke your heart, what you are really looking for is comfort, you don’t want to be in a situation where you are alone because you are already used to being with someone and miss the companionship that comes with a relationship. But you really do need time to heal, getting into another relationship straight away would be a big mistake because the decision to get with someone else would have been made while you were still in pain not out of a well thought out decision.

You might even just be getting with a new person just to show your ex that you are okay, that you don’t need them, that their actions didn’t get to you, that you’re strong, that you can deal with what they are putting you through but deep down you know the real truth, and the truth might be that they really did hurt you and their actions did get to you and you’re not okay, and that you are in pain and you might even still miss them despite the hurt they’ve put you through, and it’s okay to admit that, just not to your ex!

What will eventually happen when you get into this new Christian relationship on the rebound is that you will realize all this and recognize that you made a mistake by getting into another relationship, you will realize that you have no real feelings for this new person and that you don’t want to be with them. Then you will have to break up with them and break their heart inflicting on them the same pain you went through. But is it fair on them for you to do this just because you didn’t sort out your mess first?

Yes you didn’t intend to hurt them but that’s not an excuse, you should have sorted out your emotions and given yourself time before getting into another relationship. You should have been sure that you were ready for another relationship and you should have made sure that you really want to be with this new person but you simply cannot make such calculated and well thought out decisions when you are still on the rebound from the last Christian relationship you had.

So think carefully before jumping into another relationship when you know you’re still hurting from a past one. And if you have started a new relationship while on the rebound I pray for you that it won’t all end in drama and disaster but the chances are that it will.

For The person who wants to get with someone on the

If you know that someone you like has just come out of a relationship and is probably on the rebound, then this is not the time to hook up with them. The chances are that they are not yet truly over their ex, you have to understand that they need time to detach from the last person they were with, physically they might not be with their ex but emotionally the bonds might still be there and you don’t want to be caught up in the middle of that.

If you get with them while they are still on the rebound then the chances are that they will just use you to num the pain of the breakup of the past relationship or to fill the void of loneliness that they now feel. Of course they won’t use you intentionally, half the time people on the rebound convince themselves that they are ready for another relationship, so initially when you get with them things will be great for a while, but when they’ve had the chance to deal with the past break up and have somewhat healed emotionally and come back to their senses, they will realize that they made a mistake and that a new Christian relationship with you is not what they really want.

By this time of course you will be already caught up and into them and might have started developing feelings for them but ultimately you will probably have your heart broken once they come to the realization that they hooked up with you too soon after the last relationship.

So my advice is not to hook up with someone on the rebound no matter how much you like them and have been waiting for an opportunity to be with them.

Christian relationships that start on the rebound simply do not last because you are building the house of a shaky foundation which will not stand when challenges comes and you don’t just want to be the person that they use to get over a past relationship, you want to be the person they have a real commitment to.

Give them time to heal first; don’t get with a person that is still broken, you need two whole people to have a successful relationship.

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